My 2022 Voiceover Recap

2022 is the year I went full time with voiceover thanks to my lovely wife who’s encouraged me and pushed me every step of the way. Now when I say full time, I do still have a day job but VO consumed 90% of my working hours.

Last year I met a ton of awesome new people in the industry, worked with a ton of new clients, and joined a few studio rosters. April marked my first ever official film dub and OH BOY, I was super excited. Any of you that know me know that my #1 goal in VO is to work in anime, so I considered this a step in the right direction. That one film dub opened the door for steady dubbing work and getting one step closer to my dream.

One of my goals for 2022 was to acquire an IMDB credit and I’m so happy to say that I was able to end the year with 18 total IMDB credits and more on the way! A big fat thank you to all of my colleagues, casting directors, and clients from 2022, here’s to an amazing 2023!

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