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Broadcast Quality Home Studio

Neumann TLM 103 Microphone, SSL2+ Audio Interface, Reaper 64bit DAW and acoustically treated space.

High-Speed Connection

Blazing Fast speeds for seamless peer to peer connection with source connect & sonobus.

Live Directed Sessions

Live sessions can be done via Source Connect, Sonobus, Microsoft Teams, zoom, Discord, Or Skype.

Quick Turnaround

Brands I’ve Worked With

What My Clients Say!

Connor H. | Purple Jam Ltd.

“Working with Tristan was a great and welcoming experience. Tristan delivered on time and with great quality dialogue. You can tell Tristan wanted to go the extra mile to make sure the specs were met with a great execution. All round top quality voice actor, will definitely keep Tristan on the short list.”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Elizabeth B. | Audible/ACX

“Amazing Guy! Tristan is super awesome and very professional , He did really good job in a short time frame. I would work with him again near future. Really happy with the Audible 5 star review!!”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Rose K. | Animation Project

“I brought Tristan on to do the sound engineering for a cartoon we were producing and working with him has been a pure delight. He knows what he’s doing and delivers a superb product. I appreciate his professionalism and his talent.”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Zach K. | Production by Prisma

“Tristan was a complete and utter professional. Would work with again!”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

10B | Youtube Channel

“I’ve been working with Tristan for over half a year now and so far it’s been very smooth. He takes into my account my feedback without any issues and delivers exactly what I’m looking for. Great listener. His voice is very solid. It’s hard to find people who you can listen to for many minutes/hours without getting annoyed but Tristan’s voice is perfect. Great accent and has personality in the voice. Delivers lines with energy and passion. No monotone or robotic style. I offer my team a flexible schedule where they work at their own pace. Tristan is actively submitting voiceovers to me so my editors have something to edit always. And if there are any issues, he messages me explaining the reasoning behind no submissions. COMMUNICATION! A very strong point of Tristan. I love being kept up-to-date and not left in the dark and then end up chasing my team members for why they’re not working. All in all, Tristan has been a great team member and I look forward to working with him for a long time!”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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