Audio Engineering for VO | What Do You Want to Learn?

Hey everyone! So in my recent Twitter poll about “what would you like to see more of in the blog” you all expressed that audio engineering was at the top of that list. That being said, what would you like to learn more about? I’m happy to create a short video series, I’ve taught classes and had a few people join me in 1 on 1 sessions catered to their wants and needs.
The topics I see the most are:

Noise Reduction
Mastering for ACX Guidelines
Mixing BGM and SFX
Removing pops & plosives

So, let me know below what you’d like to learn and what format works best for you, help me help you lol. You can either drop a comment below or message me personally if you’re a little shy;) Anywho, as always please don’t hesitate to ask questions. Thanks so much for listening!

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