Role Announcement | Vitreus

Role Announcement | Vitreus

Proud to announce I voice the main protagonist in the video game demo of “Vitreus”! He’s unnamed and so far just goes by “MC”, main character – obvs. Sadly this was for a college project so I don’t believe we’ll see more of this guy but man do I love his design. If this game ever resurfaces and turns into something more, I’d be excited and honored to reprise my role. Meanwhile, check out some fantastic concept art and a short snippet of gameplay from their tech demo featuring voice lines from yours truly, the cute little companion voiced by Orion Mickens – @PhantomSauceTV on Twitter and Jay Silverest as the big evil snail.

As always, feel free to ask questions and thanks so much for listening!

BONUS: There’s a scream from my cat (Midna) in the audio.

2 thoughts on “Role Announcement | Vitreus

    1. Thank you! Yeah I love the concept art, the game looks great too considering it was only like 2 months of work. They’re sending me some stickers so I’ll be posting those once I get them. Yeah she’s always jealous when I’m recording lol.

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