Hey! I’m a screenwriter and creative writing Bachlors degree student. As well as studying full-time, I direct, co-own, and writer for a web-series with a strong following of (as of writing this) 34,600 titled Danganronpa F: Shattered Hope. This is all under the studio name Shattered Hope Studios. I also write demo reel scripts for many voice actors! Finally, I’m currently writing for an indie visual novel titled Idyll Chaos and another fan series titled Danganronpa: Kill/Cure.


I’ve worked with CrossPawGames a few times now and it’s been a fantastic experience. Quick turnaround, fair prices, and willing to tweak things to my liking. (I’m sorry, I’m picky) If you’re a voice actor looking for scripts for your demo reel, I highly recommend them!

I auditioned for Idyll Chaos, (I had no clue that was you) small world haha.

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