Role Announcement | The Ice Forest (2014)

Role Announcement | The Ice Forest (2014)

Greetings friends! I’m happy to announce yet another film dub, this time for the film “The Ice Forest”. I play a few smaller characters and my first leading role as Pietro. Check out more info on the IMDB page here.

This one has a fun little backstory too, I received the offer when I was overseas at Disneyland Paris with my wife and family. We stopped for some dinner after a long day of standing in lines (the true Disney experience lol) jokes aside, we were waiting for our food, and some ducks started going at it on top of a rock right next to us. (crucial to the story, poor Donald)
Anyway, back to the story, there was a strict deadline which I eagerly agreed to. I mean a lead role in a film dub? Who wouldn’t? I forgot that hours after we arrived back in the U.S. I was off to PAX to work the PQUBE booth for a few days. But no worries! I had my trusty travel recording setup with me, a Scarlet Solo interface, AT4040 Mic, my trusty M1 Macbook, some other bits and bobs and all my fancy plugins. So at 2am, I recorded these lines in an Air BnB belonging to a sweet lil lady. If she heard me, she probably thought it was insane, but that’s ok. As a voice actor, we do what we need to do to get the job done.

As always, any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks for listening!