Role Announcement | Kojot (Coyote) 2017

Greetings people! It’s about time I get back to the regular blog posts, huh? Well anyway I’m super happy to share that you can hear me in the English Dub of Coyote! I play the handsome lead Misi, as well as several extras sprinkled throughout the film. It’s available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video, and you can see more info and a full cast list over on IMDB here.

Anywho, thanks for checking me out and sharing my excitement with me. Any questions please feel free to reach out, thanks!

Role Announcement | The Price of Crime (2014)

Greetings to all! Super happy to announce I’ve landed yet another film dub this time for multiple roles in the English dub of The Price of Crime. Thanks so much to the studio and all of my colleagues, it’s an honor and a hoot. Here’s to many many more! I’ll post more info in the future when the dub starts streaming, for now you can find more info over at IMDB here.

As always feel free to ask questions, thanks for tuning in!

Role Announcement | Silent Fear (2015)

Role Announcement | Silent Fear (2015)

Good morning peeps! Yet another amazing announcement, you can hear me as several characters in the English dub of “Silent Fear”. You can learn more on the IMDB page here.

It’s been an honor to be part of the English dub for these films, working alongside such a kind and talented cast. Here’s to many more!

As always please don’t hesitate to ask questions, thanks for listening y’all!

Role Announcement | The Ice Forest (2014)

Role Announcement | The Ice Forest (2014)

Greetings friends! I’m happy to announce yet another film dub, this time for the film “The Ice Forest”. I play a few smaller characters and my first leading role as Pietro. Check out more info on the IMDB page here.

This one has a fun little backstory too, I received the offer when I was overseas at Disneyland Paris with my wife and family. We stopped for some dinner after a long day of standing in lines (the true Disney experience lol) jokes aside, we were waiting for our food, and some ducks started going at it on top of a rock right next to us. (crucial to the story, poor Donald)
Anyway, back to the story, there was a strict deadline which I eagerly agreed to. I mean a lead role in a film dub? Who wouldn’t? I forgot that hours after we arrived back in the U.S. I was off to PAX to work the PQUBE booth for a few days. But no worries! I had my trusty travel recording setup with me, a Scarlet Solo interface, AT4040 Mic, my trusty M1 Macbook, some other bits and bobs and all my fancy plugins. So at 2am, I recorded these lines in an Air BnB belonging to a sweet lil lady. If she heard me, she probably thought it was insane, but that’s ok. As a voice actor, we do what we need to do to get the job done.

As always, any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks for listening!

Role Announcement | Love is Not Perfect (2012)

Hey hey hey guess what?! That’s right! Another movie dub announcement! Super excited to announce that you can hear me as a few characters in the English dub of Love is Not Perfect. Airing locally overseas and eventually making its way to streaming. Equally as exciting is that it’s yet another IMDB credit on my resume. I’ve used IMDB for as long as I can remember, so getting to see myself growing on the platform is sort of a life goal of mine, super exciting indeed. Anyway, enough rambling! More news on the horizon!

For more info on the film, you can view that here on the IMDB page.